Steve and Misty McDaniel- Oct. 24, 2009 Kansas City, Mo

I went to Kansas City, Mo for three days to shoot Steve and Misty's rehearsal/dinner, wedding, and portrait session. Had a great time with a great couple in a fun, classic city. First time to Kansas City and quite impressed how nice

and updated the city is. Their wedding was at the Hilton President, a newly renovated, brick building.

Very classic. Enjoy!!!mcdaniel_wed_f_285mcdaniel_wed_f_101mcdaniel_wed_f_147mcdaniel_wed_f_149mcdaniel_wed_f_193mcdaniel_wed_f_284mcdaniel_wed_f_304mcdaniel_wed_f_314mcdaniel_wed_f_318mcdaniel_wed_f_321mcdaniel_wed_f_327mcdaniel_wed_f_360mcdaniel_wed_f_403mcdaniel_wed_f_434mcdaniel_wed_f_449mcdaniel_wed_f_515mcdaniel_wed_f_517mcdaniel_wed_f_633mcdaniel_wed_f_649mcdaniel_wed_f_771